Inspiring the next generation of sales teams and managers.

Dinesh went from a sales trainer to a Sales manager to an Operations Director. He then became an entrepreneur and finally was the Head of Operations. Over a successful 20 years career he has coached hundreds of sales teams and managers, and now he is here to coach you.

Dinesh Karna

Leveraging Leadership

Dinesh's main goal is to help people become the best they can be, whether it's in sales through his professional experience, leading teams or through developing strong leadership skills that will get them driving teams to success. Developing people to succeed brings great fulfillment to Dinesh, and he wants to bring his real life experiences working with sales teams and managers across the globe to you.


years of experience

Dinesh started his career in sales since the age of 18 and quickly rose up the ranks. Over the years he has worked in many roles globally and helped managers and sales teams overcome many challenging situations and made them stronger as a result of his coaching and training methods and techniques.


different countries

Dinesh has worked globally recruiting, managing, and training sales teams in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, China, and Philippines.

Selling is also a science

Dinesh believes that there is art, as much as there is science to sales. Both are key factors for any sales person to be a top sales professional. Over the many years working with No. 1 teams, Dinesh has developed a simple and easy-to-use approach to selling that will help any sales professional become the best they can be.

Dinesh Karna - Leadership Coach

Leadership is a way of life and it can be learnt by anyone


You must first become a student

of leadership and allow for full immersion, into leadership development.


Dinesh will share the many leadership

qualities and techniques on "how" to become an effective leader and successfully manage teams no matter what level you are as a leader.


You will go on a journey

of self-development with Dinesh where he will be your personal guide to leadership success.


Dinesh will help you hone in the skills

of leadership, ensuring you go out and become a strong and successful leader.

Leadership courses Dinesh
is offering

Leveraging Leadership Courses

After two decades of leading teams throughout Asia, Dinesh wants to bring you the best in leadership development and coaching to enable you to become the best Manager you can be by leveraging on leadership skills to lead your team to achieve success and surpass targets.

These courses are designed to be simple, easy to learn and easily adoptable.

Sales is not about selling

"Selling is an art and is a science" , to develop your sales skills to get you to the TOP, Dinesh has designed an effective sales course that suits your needs.

Testimonials about Dinesh

Here are what some of Dinesh's collogues and clients have had to say about his professionalism and work ethics.


When it comes to Marketing and Loyalty Programs, look no further, Dinesh is the right person, his skills, knowledge and expertise will benefit your company.

General Manager at Legian Beach Hotel


It was a pleasure to work with someone as professional, dedicated and prepared as Dinesh. He brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his work. He demonstrates a great ability to recognize and nurture talent. He is a focused and goal driven individual, able to problem solve on the run. Highly recommended!

Senior Director Business Development at ProMark Strategies.


Dinesh has been for me a mentor, with him I have been growing as professional in my position of Manager first and Director later. He is very passionate about supporting the success of the people he works with and train, he is flexible has a wide understanding of business dynamics and at works he is able to think out of the box to find the best solutions. Most important of all he is a great listener and always tries to put his feet in your shoes to understand and support you all the way in your career growth.

Program Director at ProMark Strategies


I have had the pleasure to deal with Dinesh professionally on a number of occasions and since we worked together back in the Melia Hanoi Hotel in Vietnam, during the period 1999/2000 for the very first time, I have always shown tremendous respect for this individual. Dinesh shows natural talents making him a top rounded professional through drive, passion, commitment, always aiming higher and also a great level of emotional intelligence that sets him apart from the rest; this aspect, coupled with his diversified experience in multiple projects of all forms and shapes, has been indispensable for the successes he has carried out over the years.

His special skills with all stakeholders make him also an extraordinary achiever. When dealing with his peers and subordinates, Dinesh has a magic touch to drive the best of everyone and he has been doing so in various challenging environments, always finding the way through to connect and engage, obtaining best rewards in return. Equally, he has succeeded when dealing with local communities, suppliers, consultants, etc. making him always the quintessential piece for every puzzle.

To whom it may concern, I would like to wish Dinesh lots of continuous successes in his career ahead and if the opportunity comes across, I would not hesitate to recommend him widely and highly.

COO Hospitality & Property Management 


Having worked in various loyalty marketing roles for the past 15 years on both client side for global hotel brands as well as vendors across the Asia Pacific region. I worked with Dinesh whilst I was at ProMark Strategies as Business Development Director between 2017 to 2018 in Malaysia and Thailand. Dinesh is truly one of a very few exceptional operations individuals I have worked with over this time.

Dinesh has the unique ability to know how communicate / engage with clients at all levels and optimize sales managers / call center teams to ensure they always perform at their very best. Dinesh is an exceptional management executive.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dinesh. 

Business Development, Digital Transformation, Technology & Loyalty Marketing Leader


I met Dinesh in Manila years ago when he was still was the Head of HMC Manila , the loyalty membership partner of Diamond Hotel Philippines. Under his leadership, he was able to solve our concerns and was quick in taking actions. He has excellent communication skills and aggressive in making his team meet targets

Director of Sales and Marketing at Diamond Hotel Phillippines


Mr. Dinesh Karna is one of the best managers I have worked with . He is an outstanding professional with an enviable track record of delivering strong results. He is task oriented and extremely disciplined in his approach. A highly energetic and committed manager, most of all a great human being and a friend.

Regional Business Manager at HMD Global


Knowing Mr. Dinesh Karna for more than 10 years and having the opportunity to work closely with him as my Operation Director, Mr. Dinesh is one of the experts who has a lot of experience and ability in the business, Sales & Marketing, Human Development and more than that, he is good leadership.

As a colleague, Mr. Dinesh is like a family member who is always ready to help & a supportive person.

Working with Mr. Dinesh is a great memory and a good opportunity to develop yourself as best as possible.

Senior Program Director at ProMark Strategies (Thailand)

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